Your own kind of beautiful 

I don’t know what is it about rustic, aged, worn and torn places & little things like this that catch my eye and hold an inexplicable rare beauty. And it’s funny how the same can be said about people.

It’s the tares, dents, imperfections & the aftermath of a struggle that tell our unique stories, that have carved the depths of our souls, crafted and molded our hearts into treasured antiques more valuable than gold.

There is beauty in the messiness, in the unexplainable things, the struggles, marks and signs that collide into who we’re becoming. But the most beautiful thing of all is the power of grace that doesn’t bind our story to one of mere victims and outsiders to the life that has chosen us, but rather that we can choose a life for ourselves; a hope that anchors our hearts.

We are not merely observers and outsiders but we can be doers; we have the choice to find good in the midst of evil (because even if not at the forefront, it IS always there); to make pretty things blossom in the unlikeliest of places; to color our world with hope and to triumph with faith, and the greatest of them, to grow in love.

So dare to BE you! With all your marks, scars, imperfections and flaws. All the little things you feel self conscious about; trust me, i’ve been there and so much strength and valuable time (time, the one thing we never get back) is wasted! So don’t hide, don’t apologize for the things that make you -you-, don’t lose your edge and uniqueness; don’t hide your shine! Instead …

Shine brighter

Step stronger

Speak louder


• Be your own kind of beautiful! •



Pamela Praniuk (Romero)